5 Ways to Get Great Photos of Your Children This Halloween

Halloween is great time to get amazing photos of your sugar filled trick-or-treaters. Here are 5 easy tips to help you end up with beautiful photos that you can embarrass your children with for years to come. 

  1. Make sure you get down to the children's level. Kneel down to their height so that the perspective of the photo does not look exaggerated and that you can see those witch shoes you worked so hard to find.

  2. While vertical photos are ok, when shooting video's of your ghouls and goblins make sure not to take them vertical. Since TVs and computer monitors are horizontal be sure to record your video in a landscape format so the video fits your screen.

  3. Since most of your haunting will be done at night you will probably need to use your flash. If your camera has red-eye reduction use this as to not get jack-o-lantern eyes.

  4. Also when using flash make sure to step back so the flash doesn't appear too bright. If the flash fires when you are too close the camera will overexpose making your subject look like a ghost!

  5. Try to find backgrounds that aren't distracting. Try going outside to get your shot. Positioning your child away from the house or in the yard may lend itself to better scenery to focus the attention on your spooky subject. 

Most importantly take lots of photos! These times are the kinds that go by fast so even if the photos aren't perfect they are YOUR memories. Photographs make even the most mundane life events special because they allow you to do one thing; remember them.